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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Form follows you

Could you guess what this is a concept of?






This phone is amazing. If you think the iPhone is hot; I'd pick this over the iPhone any day. This is the 2nd best concept phone that I have seen online. The design idea is that the form of the phone will change to the need of its user during the day. This is 21st century; the devices adapt to us.


What I like about this phone?

1. The flexible and adaptable material. - This phone has a great look. One thing about it, it does look next gen. with a futuristic design. Simple, yet elegant.


2. The interactivity - This phone is alive. It interacts with the user in a way like no other. It is almost like having a pet. Well, you get my point.


3. Functionality - It has GPS, video, large, long screen, able to pay with it I believe (the video shows it briefly). It can be programmed to react in different ways depending on if it is a call or alarm etc.


4. The look -It is slick and fashionable; can suit anyone's style.


Check it out. I'd like to hear your opinions.




To see the full concept, visit www.nokia888.com.


Yalixa said...

concept seems cool....still kinda skeptical though...its so thin its scary!

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